Community Wildfire Protection Plan Workshop #2

Join us for the second Community Wildfire Protection Plan workshop on Wednesday, October 10th at 2:30pm. We will continue the discussion on wildfire risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and finishing our community plan. The workshop is open to the public, and we would love to have your input.


Manitowish Waters Town Board Workshop
Tuesday Oct. 10, 2018
2:30 PM

The Town Board will be meeting with DNR Staff to further develop plans for the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  No action will be taken.

  • Welcome
  • Community Risk Assessment Review
    • edits
  • Hazard Mitigation Strategies
    • Read and develop additional strategies
    • Rank strategies
    • Develop timeline
  • What is next for the CWPP process?
    • Additional mapping
    • Editing the plan
    • Resolution to Adopt by town
  • 2019 Wildfire Risk Reduction grant applications
    • Applications: criteria
    • Project ideas:  review CWPP mitigation strategies
    • Write 2019 Grant Application
  • Schedule Next meeting

Dana Hilbert, Clerk/Treasurer
Attest to posting October 9, 2018