MW Town Donation Policy

The Manitowish Town Board approved a new donation policy on July 14th, 2015. The new policy is outlined below.

Donation Policy

Proposed donations to the Town of Manitowish Waters for buildings or land development or landscaping projects on Town property that are offered to the Town by individuals, companies, foundations, nonprofit organizations or other entities shall be referred to the Planning Commission for evaluation and recommendation to the Town Board. The Planning Commission shall consider the following criteria when making a recommendation;

  • Is the donation beneficial to and is it compatible with the Master Plan and future development of the Town facility?
  • What will be the ongoing maintenance costs?
  • Are there any extraordinary liability issues?
  • Are the architecture and landscaping in keeping with the requirements of the Town of Manitowish Waters Year 2022 Comprehensive Plan?

When considering gifts of buildings, land, or other facilities, public input shall be provided by the Planning Commission holding public informational meetings.

The Town Board will make the final decision on all donations.