Pine Lawn Cemetery

13590 Pine Lawn Rd.

Sexton: Chuck Kramer 715-543-2707.

No planting of flowers, shrubs, or trees on any lot.

Flowers, plants etc. shall be placed in wire baskets on hooks or a stand that can be moved for mowing.

No person is allowed to dig in the ground or grave lot site without permission of Sexton.

Receptacles for flowers shall be set flush with lawn surface.

Winter decorations will be removed after May 1st. if not picked up.

Automobiles and visitors are asked to keep to the paths and road.

No skate boards, skates, bicycles, snowmobiles, motorcycles or dirt bikes will be allowed.

Dogs are not permitted except when on short leash.

No rubbish or litters can be left on cemetery grounds except in the containers provided.

A copy of the complete Ordinance is avaiable by contacting the Town Clerk at office or phone 715-543-8400.